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FSB Tomahawk: Vietnam (see photo). The Battalion XO (a Major) came to my bunker and asked sternly, 'Lamunyon, you are the medic on the hill, why haven't you burned the shit.' I explained that the two 11Bs assigned to help me burn the shit were not showing up for their detail (everyone hated this assignment). The XO told me he didn't care how I got it done, just get the shit burned. So I dragged the drums from the shitters directly upwind from the TOC at the top of the hill which was the XO's duty station. Then I stirred in a good amount of diesel fuel and light the shit/diesel mix then a cigarette to enjoy while I watched the show. I scored a direct hit, nasty shit smoke rolled uphil and right into the entrance to the TOC.

The XO came storming down the hill to where I was, standing upwind of the burning shit and smoking a cigarette. He snapped, 'Lamunyon, what are you doing?' I came smartly to attention and responded, 'Burning the shit, Sir!' in a manner reminiscent of Andy Griffith in the NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS movie. His face became beet red. He turned in his heel and left me and the burning shit without another word. The XO never talked to me again and never asked me to burn shit again. I feel a bit bad about for shit smoking the RTO's and other enlisted troops who were working in the TOC that day but I had a good time with the XO.