This website honors 1/501 medics of the past and present!

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Geronimo's Medicine Men - Vietnam

Please forward any photos of former Geronimo medics to webmaster,

Jesse "Doc" Johnson's Photo Album is posted here - - click on In The AO.

PFC Fee at the zoo in Saigon (Chapin is in the background). As of May, 2006 Bob Fee is alive and well living with his wife in PA. He is a father and grandfather! ! ! Welcome home, Bob.
SP4 Brooks (BJ) Chapin gets a gift from Santa at the Saigon USO (it was a very hot day to be in a santa suit). As of 2007, BJ is living in Tucson AZ. He is married and has two grown children who are musicians. Brooks has worked as a teacher and lawyer (
Doc Carl Cross - photo submitted by Dan Davis ( who served with Geronimo in 1970 (yes, I know the uniform has another name on it - this was common - we were glad to get ANY clean or reasonably clean uniform sent to us in the field - only REMFs had uniforms with the correct nametapes).
Doc (Brian) Lisk (


Barry Gregorich and other Brothers who served with Co A 1/501 3rd plt are trying to locate our Medic so that we can add him to our list for a reunion and to thank him for saving our lives.

I served wih Co A from Oct 70 to Jan 25,1971 when I was WIA. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

Contact me via e-mail to or 724-238-9317.

Thank you and Welcome Home
Barry Gregorich


Doc Indian - photo taken at Phu Bai base camp.
Jerry K "Doc" Steinmetz who served in Company A, 1st Platoon passed away in Oct, 2005 of Hepatitis. He came down with hepatitis 6 months after he got home from Vietnam. After Vietnam, Jerry worked crop duster, house painter and later became Six Flag's roving graphic artist and sign painter. He is now reunited with his son, Sam, who passed away in 2001 at age 18. Surviving are his son, Jason, daughter , Rachel, and his wife , Deborah.

Doc Dave Pfeifer has posted some stories on and is working on a book about his experiences in Vietnam. See photos of Doc Dave by using the Cry Medic link (left).

B 1/501 medic between 1971 and 1972. If you recognize this medic, please contact webmaster or Terry L. Wittekind in Marietta,Ohio ( A statement from this medic is needed for a VA claim. Please help if you can!

Doc Winka served with D 1/501 from 1968 to 1969 and died January 20th, 2006 from complications of heart disease caused by 11 operations for wounds he received on May 21st, 1969. After serving in the Vietnam War, he worked as Pharmacist and is survived by his loving wife, Marilyn, and children Paul (an Air Force officer) and Becky.
Doc Williams (photo submitted by Brian "Doc" Lisk)

A Medic's Poem
"In Vietnam"

You tried to save your buddies as best you could. You did your best with what you had and cursed the heavens when it wasn't enough. Because in your arms they died anyway. You cried inside At the loss of a friend But you had to move on IN VIETNAM.

Next guy was lucky or so you thought. You patched him up and sent him off, but sometimes never knew if he really made it. A buddy saved... but lost all the same IN VIETNAM.

A lot of men died but you survived or so they said when you came back. But you'll never forget the ones you lost or left behind. They are there upon the Wall. Their bodies long buried but their souls still roam IN VIETNAM.

In your heart you still mourn. Your heart still aches for those long lost friends. But you suffer still from a greater loss. For you now search for that part of you that also died... IN VIETNAM.

Jack "Doc" Bronson