This website honors 1/501 medics of the past and present!

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Battalion Aid Station (BAS) Phu Bai

During 1970 - 1971, the 1/501 BAS was in Phu Bai, Republic of Vietnam. Most of the photos on this page were contributed by Doc Bob Fee.
Doc Bob Fee at BAS Front Entrance
LEFT PHOTO: Group photo with LT (left) medics (center) and medical platoon sgt (Williams, right).

RIGHT MAP: Phu Bai AO including Eagle Beach

LEFT - Medical Supply Area- Doc Johnson on duty ! ! !


`There is no job in the insanity of close combat that requires more bravery, steadfastness, and coolness under fire than that of combat medic. Medics go into the very center of the hell storm of battle- where the grunt has fallen and where the enemy waits to strike again- and perform major and minor miracles. Almost always an enemy prime target, they do their thing with seemingly total disregard for themselves: find the wounded, stop the bleeding, patch the wound, administer morphine and good cheer, and then drag and pack shattered bodies of the men they love as brothers back to the safety of a paddy wall or a fold in the ground that provides a little protection from direct- fire weapons....No man in the profession of arms deserved more honor and respect than the soldier who wears the coveted Combat Medic badge. They are true studs who are honored, cherished and loved by the fighting men they care for..` -

Colonel David Hackworth


Medical Records/Clerk desk in reception area.
BAS Phu Bai
Webmaster ready for BRF (Battalion Reaction Force).

Below - map to Eagle Beach